Consulting and Auditing

Consulting Area

Austral Consulting offers consultancy provision in the following areas:

Strategic consultancy >>
Globalisation >>
Human resources consultancy >>
Management Strategies >>
Debt restructuring >>
Family business >>
Entrepreneurs >>

Andrés Salinas, founder and CEO of Austral Consulting, oversees the provision of these services. However, we believe that offering premium services our clients involves not only years of expertise and know-how,
but creative thinking and imagination. That is why we recruit the best minds from a broad range of specialties to ensure that you have the best talent at your disposal. Austral Consulting has hired
professionals from areas such as public administration, academia and the world of business, who can help you unlock the secrets of success.

Audit Area

We offer our clients the next services:

This service provides auditing/accounting consultancy to private companies and public agencies, by ensuring that financial
records are accurate and up to date for scrutiny.

Drawing on the best talent in the industry, Austral Consulting has recruited highly experienced auditors from private and public sectors to ensure that you can benefit from their expertise.

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Andrés Salinas

Andrés Salinas, founder and CEO, is responsible of this area.