Corporate History

After working for the Spanish administration and several multinational corporations, Andrés Salinas founded Austral Consulting in 1998, establishing a new direction in his career trajectory.By 2008, Austral Consulting had transformed into a successful, lucrative and highly reputable consultancy agency. Such was the success of the company that it was possible to expand the company’s areas of consultancy expertise, whilst doubling the number of employees working for the firm.

In 2011, together with the German branch of Austral Consulting, the company worked to expand its operations on a more global level, thus providing expertise to a number of international businesses, whilst being in an optimal position to offer support to business wishing to embark on a similar global enterprise.

Austral Consulting is dedicated to affirming its reputation as a leading player in consultancy on a national and international level. We believe we can achieve this through the loyalty and well-earned trust of our clients, and the powerful medium of word of mouth.